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Quicksearch is  Mumbai’s  leading Database Provider  in India with 8 years of Direct Marketing Experience we can provide latest database for your Business. Database is fuel of Marketing, right database leads better marketing activity. It saves time of hunting targeted or prospective audience. You can source required as per your targeted audience & geo graphical location. We are leading database provider and sourcing company in Mumbai.

Why us?

Customer Focused Services

We offer services that particularly focus customer needs and their business logic. Our sole objective is better end user experience and satisfaction. Having over 7 years of industry experience, our 180+ highly experienced designers continuously strive to deliver high superior, reasonable and mission critical website designs that helps our customers to reach more people on the Internet.

Proficient Web Design Services

We have a proficient web designing service, which helps our customers to get their own website that matches their business requirements. We deeply research the customer’s requirement and make design that will help them to get more sales and revenue.

Notable Online Presence

We keep all the points in mind, that is required to make a solid web presence and design your website. We design webpages using HTML, CSS, image and other media.

Exceptional Design

We have the skills and expertise, which helps us to design any type of websites matching your business requirements specifically. We create a unique and exceptional website design with all the required functionalities intact. Our one-of-a-kind designs will not only help you to instigate your clients, but will also make it interesting to navigate.

Having 8+ year Web Industry Experience Group

Having been in the Web Industry for more than 8 years, we are the leader in this field with proven expertise and knowledge. Our services are not only best but also affordable that will help you to make a solid web presence at a fraction of cost.


Available Everything for all India Corporate/business all India email id data lists & mobile database – We have a wide variety of different email addresses and Mobile numbers of different corporate persons database which are 90% accurate. Mobile database India, email database India, mobile number

QUICKSEARCH provides a lot of services based on the data of client such as follow:

  1. Database Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. SMS Marketing (short service message)
  4. Lead Generation

QUICK SEARCH has all these services under one roof and that so with high quality data.

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