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India has three million and more strong IT workforce which known for its youthfulness. IT workforce future is bright with youngsters have given India edge in world markets. IT sector alone have achieved GDP growth from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012. NASSCOM reports upwards revenues of US$160 billion in 2017, with inward export revenue standing at US$99 billion and domestic revenue at US$48 billion, growing by over 13%. European and American companies are major export partners of this sector. IT Industry will continue to drive Indian Economy for many years.

Quicksearch will help you target IT Professionals to sell products and services. IT Professionals consist of middle aged employees from initial growth period and new talent joining the Industry. Many companies find it very hard to reach segment of IT Professionals with our excellent database we can help you reach this segment very quickly. We provide direct targeted marketing scheme where you can reach customers in straight forward manner through our database. Our database is having accurate, and highly authentic entries of IT professionals which you can use to deliver and implement your marketing scheme.

Why buy database from Quicksearch?
>> 10 lakh database available for major metro cities.
>> Database can be segmented on Income of professional.
>> Database can be segmented on age.
>> Database is validated ideal for SMS Marketing and Email Marketing.

Database available for all Major Cities
>> Mumbai
>> Ahmedabad
>> Bangalore
>> Pune
>> Chennai
>> Hyderabad
>> Delhi NCR
>> Kolkata


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